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This grant programme has been made possible by funding from Historic Environment Scotland and the William Grant Foundation




The AHF can provide grants, subject to eligibility, to help with assessing the viability of a project, or to help fund development costs for historic building related regeneration projects based in Scotland.

First, please read the programme guidance notes, and the helpful details of how to complete the application form, including what supporting evidence you may require. 

We strongly encourage you to discuss any potential application with the Scotland Team before submitting an application.

Jo and Gordon, the AHF Scotland team
Jo and Gordon, the AHF Scotland team

Current Programmes

Project Viability Grant (PVG)

Maximum: £10,000 - Average Offer: £6,000

Project Viability Grants (PVG) are to fund studies to look at potential uses for a building and at its current condition, and usually produce a Viability Report to a standard template. Successful completion of this will be used to judge whether applicants can then apply for the AHF’s Project Development Grant funding, and can be used to secure further funding elsewhere. This grant is administered on a monthly rolling basis. We aim to let you know whether you have been successful within six to eight weeks.

This grant programme is supported by funding from Historic Environment Scotland.

Download Programme Guidance Notes

Download Viability Report Template

Dowload Viability Report Guidance


Project Development Grant (PDG)

Maximum: £40,000 - Average Offer: £15,000

The Project Development Grant (PDG) scheme is intended to assist an organisation to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a project and taking it towards the start of work on site.

To qualify, an organisation must have established that the end use of the project is likely to be viable and have decided to take the project forward.

This grant programme is supported by funding from Historic Environment Scotland.

Download Guidance Notes

Completing the Form & Supporting Document Info


William Grant Foundation
Tailored Support Fund (TSF)

Maximum: £10,000 - Average Offer: £7,500

Thanks to funding from the William Grant Foundation, projects in Scotland may be eligible able to apply to the Tailored Support Fund. This is intended to help organisations and projects that may not fit will within the criteria for our other grant programmes.  

Projects applying to this fund will generally be characterised by:

  • a strong community-led ethos;

  • a desire to give new purpose to a building valued locally for its architectural heritage;

  • plans that demonstrate strong social, economic or environmental benefits that help meet local need.

We’re particularly keen to hear from projects that might be aiming to create something unique and exceptional; or which will contribute more widely to enriching Scotland’s built environment fabric through trying new and better ways of doing things, i.e. innovative approaches with potential for replication and wider learning.

Example of situations we would welcome a discussion about potentially supporting with this fund include:

  • emergency repairs/urgent capital works/mothballing:

  • to prevent deterioration whilst developing longer term plans for a building;

  • to enable a ‘meanwhile use’ or testing of proposed longer-term use(s);

  • other costs involved in enabling meanwhile uses;

  • uplifts needed to existing funding due to unexpected situations/increased costs;

  • projects involving unlisted buildings that are highly valued by local communities for their historic interest;

  • assisting in building the capacity of a community to deliver a project;

  • any other areas where our other grant funding programmes cannot currently assist.

Projects that are interested in this fund should complete an Enquiry Form prior to making an application. 

Enquire and Apply

Once you have checked your eligibility, please complete our online enquiry form to tell us about your project. We will then get in touch to discuss your project and how we might be able to help. You can then complete a draft application, and once we have seen and commented on that, you can complete and submit our formal application form.

Find out deadlines for applications here.

“Support from AHF over the last two years has enabled us to build capacity, sustain momentum and significantly progress the project timeline”
“AHF has been with the project from conception .... [We were] supported through many ups and downs with good advice and guidance.”

The AHF has signed up to #FlexibleFunders; a community of funders committed to open and trusting practices in grant making by:

  •  Making grants in a way that reflects the realities facing VCSE organisations now and for the foreseeable future.

  • Managing grants and relationships in a way that reflects our confidence in and respect for the organisations we fund.

    For more information about #Flexible Funders click here