All the support the AHF receives goes towards our charitable objects. Relatively small amounts can help many different projects, and our ability to recycle funds through loans means that a single donation can be used over and over again. Your support can make a vital difference to projects throughout the United Kingdom.


You can make a donation online via Just Giving.

If you are a UK taxpayer the AHF can benefit from Gift Aid on your donation. You can select this option on the Just Giving website. For donations by post or bank transfer, you will need to make a Gift Aid declaration.

A Gift Aid declaration must include:

  • your full name

  • your home address

  • the name of the charity

  • details of your donation, and it should say that it’s a Gift Aid donation


Every year throughout the UK the AHF is making a difference, but thousands of historic buildings remain in jeopardy, and your legacy can help. By leaving a gift to The Architectural Heritage Fund in your will you will ensure funding for a remarkable range of projects to regenerate historic buildings for the benefit of communities for many years to come.

For more information about supporting the AHF, please contact us.