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West Boathouse

Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland, Scotland

Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club

Category B

Edwardian boathouse on the River Clyde repaired and adapted for enhanced future use

The Category B-listed West Boathouse was designed and built as a timber-framed structure by Glasgow Corporation Architect, A.B. MacDonald. Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club and Clyde Amateur Rowing Club have occupied the boathouse since it was built in 1905. Both rowing clubs have been holding regattas and training events on the River Clyde for over 150 years, as well as providing training facilities for rowing teams and champions, including Olympic medal winners. Despite remaining in active use by the rowing clubs, by the 2010s the boathouse was in poor condition.

Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club have been working on a project to repair and adapt West Boathouse from broader community uses. As part of the full restoration of the building, substantial works were undertaken, including rebuilding the first-floor balcony, inserting new concrete foundations, installing the new cladding and using state-of-the-art conservation techniques to ensure the longevity of the delicate timber structure. Works were also undertaken to increase accessibility within the boathouse, including the addition of a lift and accessible changing facilities. Further, a new gym, rowing training facility and multi-use spaces have been developed within the building.

Initial viability and development phase work for this project, including a heritage appraisal, business case, condition survey, consultant fees, and conservation reports, was supported by Project Viability and Project Development Grants from the AHF. Once conservation work had been completed, the AHF also provided loan investment to support Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club with fit-out as they moved back into the boathouse. West Boathouse re-opened in May 2023, with both the Clydesdale and Clyde Amateur Rowing Clubs moving back into the building alongside the Strathclyde University Rowing Club, offering enhanced facilities and a new programme of opportunities for local people to engage with the River Clyde.

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AHF Funding

Project Viability Grant - £3,000 (2015)

Project Development Grant - £13,000 (2016)

Endowment Loan - £100,000 (2020)

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