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Credit - Redruth Revival CIC
Credit - Redruth Revival CIC

The Buttermarket

Redruth, Cornwall, England

Redruth Revival CIC

Plans for energy-efficient hub to benefit both the Redruth community and the environment

The Buttermarket is a Grade II-listed complex built in approximately 1825 on the historic site of Redruth Town Market. Originally a three-sided building, it was enclosed on the fourth side when the Mining Exchange and Wheal Peevor Purser’s Office (WPPO) were constructed in the 1880s. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Redruth was an important farming and mining centre – The Buttermarket housed agricultural dealers and stalls, while the Mining Exchange and the WPPO supported trading of mineral stock and were key parts of the local industry.

This project seeks to restore and refurbish the Buttermarket, located in one of Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zones, by creating a thriving economic, cultural and community hub at the heart of the town, with workspace and an active programme of markets and entertainment.

Redruth Revival are keen to demonstrate that older buildings can be made more sustainable, an ambition that will be executed by using renewable energy sources.

PV and solar thermal panels are being considered for the building. These energy-efficient heating systems will be flexible and tenant-controlled. In the communal spaces, solar gain will be maximised – this is a passive building design that takes advantage of the heat energy from solar radiation, either through windows or the fabric of the building. Where possible, Redruth Revival are also planning on harvesting rainwater – rather than letting it flow back down the drains, rainwater is collected from the roof and re-directed to a tank, ready to be recycled.

In 2019, the Architectural Heritage Fund supported Redruth Revival with a Project Viability Grant of £6,919 to undertake a feasibility study focusing on building condition, services, and a review of the design and development constraints. This year, a Project Development Grant of £59,850 has been awarded from the Transforming Places Through Heritage scheme that is helping to fund professional fees to progress the project through RIBA stage 4.

The refurbishment of the Buttermarket is a wonderful example of how older buildings can be made more sustainable with renewable energy sources and passive design. Once restored, the complex will become an energy-efficient hub, benefitting both the Redruth community and the environment.


Ross Williams, Director of Redruth Revival CIC, said:

“Throughout the different stages of this project, we have continuously been keen to show how heritage buildings can be made more sustainable. We hope that the implementation of renewable energy sources at the Buttermarket will lessen the building’s impact on the environment, while also inspiring others to consider how they can improve on their heritage project’s approach to sustainability.”

Redruth Revival

photo credit - Redruth Revival CIC


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