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New Galloway Town Hall

New Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


Local Initiatives in New Galloway

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Community hub in historic town hall

Since the 17th century, New Galloway Town Hall has been at the centre of civic life in what was once the smallest Royal Burgh in Scotland. The Town Hall was rebuilt in Victorian times and stands on the High Street; an imposing, elegant white building with a tall clock tower complete with chiming clock. Internally, a large upper hall benefits from a high vaulted ceiling and features a series of Victorian moral maxims, which run around the top of wood panelling. The Hall was formerly the seat of local government and was held under ‘common good’ for this purpose. However, since the restructuring of local government, the local authority was less able to continue upkeep of the building.

When the Hall was boarded up, a community-led group, Local Initiatives in New Galloway (LING), took on responsibility for its operation as a space for community activities. Having run the building for a few years, LING was able to make a case for acquisition under the asset transfer process. The group took ownership in 2022, the timing being influenced by receipt of an offer of capital funds from the Community Ownership Fund (COF) – this was one of the earliest projects in Scotland to receive COF funding. However, community use of the building was compromised by poor heating and access issues. With ownership of the building secured, therefore, LING turned its attention to repairing and improving the Hall.

The AHF first supported this project in 2018, awarding LING a Project Viability Grant towards a feasibility study. In 2022, the AHF also provided critical support to help with capacity – a part-time Project Manager was able to drive the project forward in the necessary timescale. External repairs, a heating upgrade and the installation of a new lift were all completed in the summer of 2023, securing the building’s future as a flexible hub for community activities in this rural area.

AHF Funding

Project Viability Grant - £5,000 (2018)

Project Development Grant - £10,000 (2022)

Project Development Grant - £5,000 (2022)

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Local Initiatives in New Galloway

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