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Grade I

Project Viability Grant 

£5,000 (2017)

Project Development Grant 

£50,000 (2019)






Dating from the first half of the 13th century, the Grade I-listed former infirmary of the Franciscan friary in Lincoln has been in public ownership since 1583. For most of the intervening centuries, its upper floors housed a variety of schools, but it served as the site for the City Museum from 1907-2001. More recently, the building – probably the oldest surviving friary building in England – has remained shuttered and is rapidly deteriorating through damp. Now, Heritage Lincolnshire, the county’s building preservation trust, plans to breathe new life into one of Lincoln’s oldest buildings.

With nearly 30 years of experience in conserving historic properties within the county, Heritage Lincolnshire is partnering with Lincoln Council to restore the elegant vaulted undercroft at Greyfriars as an immersive heritage experience telling the story of the friars who lived and worked within its walls eight centuries ago. The upper floor will provide dedicated offices for Heritage Lincolnshire as well as discrete events spaces that will ensure the building can be sustainably maintained in the future.

Heritage Lincolnshire was awarded a Project Viability Grant to test its feasibility and a Project Development Grant to develop its architectural plans, business and activity plans to ready the project for capital redevelopment work.

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