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St. Luke’s Church



Grade II

Project Viability Grant

£2,205 (2019) 

Project Development Grant

£10,000 (2019) 

Capital Works Grant

£40,000 (2020)



The neo-Gothic edifice of St Luke’s Anglican Church, Swansea, was built in 1889 to the designs of Cardiff-based architect E. Bruce Vaughan, with a large organ chamber adjoining chancel and four-bay nave. Last repaired in 2006, the church and abutting hall space were sold privately to a developer, who originally intended a residential conversion. These plans, however, were never realised, and the Grade II-listed former church and hall had been suffering from water ingress. Now, Circus Eruption are advancing exciting plans to convert this large space for their youth- and health-focused activities, bringing life and laughter into the vaulted spaces.

For more than twenty years, Circus Eruption has delivered inclusive circus activity workshops for young people across south Wales, including people with special needs or disabilities, those not in formal education, refugees, and those suffering from mental health issues. Through its integrated programme, Circus Eruption builds confidence and promotes social interaction, challenging young people to embrace an active lifestyle and learning how they can overcome fear. The former St Luke’s church will provide Circus Eruption with their first ever permanent home from which to support and grow their community.

The AHF has been assisting this project over the past few years. In 2019, we awarded Circus Eruption a Project Viability Grant to undertake a condition survey of the church to determine whether its adaptation was viable. Following the successful completion of the survey and the purchase of the church, we were able to provide further funding through a Project Development Grant to develop architectural plans. Finally, in March 2020, and through a special series of grants funded by Cadw, we awarded the project a Capital Works Grant of £40,000. Works will soon commence to transform this historic church into a vibrant arts hub for Swansea’s youth.

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