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Bon Accord Baths

Aberdeen, Scotland

Bon Accord Heritage

Category B

Restoring Art Deco public baths to their former glory as a much-loved facility in the heart of the city

Built in the Art Deco style in 1940, Bon Accord Baths is a rare surviving example of public baths. Situated in the centre of Aberdeen, a chunky granite exterior gives way to an elegant entrance lobby with curved walls lined in sycamore timber panelling. The vaulted roof of the pool is supported by concrete arches, and large windows allow the vast space to be flooded with natural light. The pool and associated health suite are owned by the local authority and were closed in 2008. Attempts to sell the building commercially have failed.

Bon Accord Heritage was established in 2015 with the aim to bring the pool into community control and largely return it to its original use. Open days and community consultations have shown significant support for restoring the pool to its former glory as a much-loved facility in the heart of the city. Improving the energy efficiency of the building will be a key challenge to address within the plans.

In 2021, the AHF awarded Bon Accord Heritage a Project Viability Grant to help fund architectural fees to develop two options for accommodating the proposed facilities – changing rooms, a café, a sports hall, therapy and wellness spaces, and event spaces – within the building complex. The grant also contributed towards a Conservation Statement to inform the approach to repairs and development. This feasibility work is being carried out concurrently with detailed business planning to ensure the financial viability of plans in the long-term.

AHF Funding

Project Viability Grant - £10,000 (2021)

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Bon Accord Heritage






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