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South Korea and UK knowledge exchange on heritage assets

21 September 2018

Researchers from the South Korean Architecture and Urban Research Institute (AURI) recently visited us to learn more about the UK’s approach to the protection of community and heritage assets and the promotion of alternative uses. AURI is a South Korean think-tank for architecture and urban design policy supporting the South Korean government ( Founded in 2007, AURI’s vision is dedicated to “the people’s happiness and a nation’s refined architectural and urban culture” and it endeavours to build global networks to link the architectural and urban spaces of South Korea to the world.

The South Korean government recently enacted a law preserving traditional Korean houses as architectural assets and the government is now considering introducing the concept of community asset and community value. In doing this, AURI’s researchers identified the AHF as an organisation which has invaluable experience of working with communities and their architectural heritage.

A number of topics were discussed including the AHF’s organisational structure, community engagement, the protection of community assets, best practice and government policies. It was a demonstration of the wider interest in the UK’s approach to the ownership, financing and development of community heritage assets.

Editors Notes:

The Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity, working since 1976 to promote the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas. Its is the leading heritage social investor and the only specialist heritage lender operating in the UK. It provides advice, development grants and loans.

For press enquiries please contact Ollie Brodrick-Ward at the AHF at 020 7925 0199 /

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