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Image: A group of young people stood in front of Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse in Corris, Wales. Photo courtesy of The Anne Matthews Trust.
Image: A group of young people stood in front of Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse in Corris, Wales. Photo courtesy of The Anne Matthews Trust.

Room at the inn – new grant awarded to help make Braich Goch a ‘home from home’ for young people of refugee and migrant backgrounds

24 May 2022

Situated in the Welsh village of Corris, Braich Goch is a 450-year-old former inn that is highly valued by the local community. The building is now used as a rural retreat, predominantly for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds who have sought sanctuary in the UK.

The Anne Matthews Trust is made up of a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds working to promote social inclusion. They help young people in the UK, specifically those who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, to develop networks, access more opportunities, and gain the skills and knowledge to tackle the social injustice they face. At Braich Goch, which is owned by the Trust, people from the local community and young people of refugee and asylum/migrant backgrounds can meet to share cultures, build relationships and foster understanding between communities.

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) is thrilled to have awarded the Anne Matthews Trust a Project Development Grant. This will support the appointment of a team of professionals to complete a series of surveys that will help the Trust to fully understand the building’s condition. In turn, this will inform a plan for future maintenance and capital work to make the building a comfortable ‘home from home.’

This is timely as the Trust has just embarked on its new three-year strategy and business plan, which includes creating a sanctuary experience for community groups, families and individuals of refugee and migrant backgrounds; providing training in community development, personal and business skills, and environmental awareness for young people; and further developing Braich Goch as a community hub to provide local people with a place to socialise and partake in a cultural exchange.

Javier Sanchez-Rodriguez, Manager of the Anne Matthews Trust, said:

"We believe that this grant will definitely help us to make sense of what the building needs and create a realistic and informed action plan to make our building sound and comfortable for the communities we serve. We are happy and grateful that the AHF wants to join us in making our centre a better home away from home, which for most of the people that comes through our doors, becomes an experience of sanctuary where we all feel safe, respected and dignified. Thank you for helping us change the world little by little."

If you would like to learn more about the Anne Matthews Trust and Braich Goch, please visit: Home | Braich Goch - Red Arm CIC (

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