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Belvoir Park Forest Stable Block, Belfast - RSPB
Belvoir Park Forest Stable Block, Belfast - RSPB

Heritage Transformed bolstered in Northern Ireland

17 November 2020
Northern Ireland

Thanks to additional support from the Department for Communities’ (DfC) Historic Environment Division, the Architectural Heritage Fund is very pleased to be able to  offer additional project viability grants and project development grants in Northern Ireland via the Heritage Transformed programme. This additional funding will be available during the remainder of the 2020/21 financial year.

This seed funding has proven to be extremely useful in helping charities and social enterprises seeking to secure a future for buildings at risk to shape their projects, by, for example: testing the relevance of proposed uses to the local community and developing a business case; establishing the building's condition and costs of repair; and carrying out architectural feasibility studies.

As a social investor in heritage, AHF’s focus will continue to be on making a difference in areas of deprivation, both rural and urban.  The support from DfC also allows the AHF’s NI Support Officer to continue to offer advice to groups as they progress their thinking and gear up for investment from a range of other sources.

“We are very grateful to this additional funding from Department of Communities. It will enable us to invest in more early stage historic building reuse projects, investment we know is so vital to the long term success of projects.” Matthew Mckeague, AHF, CEO

For further information on the grants and support available, please contact:

07789 758080

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