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Charterhouse, Coventry's 14th century monastic site secures £4.38m from Heritage Lottery Fund

4 April 2018

Charterhouse is a little known, but outstanding historic site, to the south of Coventry’s city centre. Founded in 1385 by Richard II as a Carthusian monastery, it has been extensively adapted over the centuries for domestic use, but retains spectacular medieval wall paintings and much of the medieval Prior’s lodgings and rectory.

Taken on by the Historic Coventry Trust, after a public outcry when it was offered for sale on the open market, we are delighted to report that Charterhouse has just received a major grant of £4.3m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This funding is the key to its future and the culmination of years of work to secure the site.

Thanks to this grant, the people of Coventry will once more have access to this important part of their heritage. The building will be restored with new visitor facilities to encourage local community involvement and the surrounding parkland will be opened up for recreation and enjoyment. It is anticipated that the building will open in 2020 to coincide with Coventry’s City of Culture offer.

Charterhouse is part of the biggest asset transfers of historic buildings from a local authority to a trust and has been supported with grants from the Architectural Heritage Fund. Historic Coventry Trust, is a regeneration company, merging private sector expertise with social gain. It has a long term vision – to preserve the city’s heritage for the next 1,000 years of its history.

Photograph by PR

Photograph by PR


Editor's note:

The Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity, working since 1976, to promote the conservation and sustainable reuse of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK, particularly in areas of deprivation.  It is the leading heritage social investor and the only specialist heritage lender operating in the UK.

For further information contact: Elizabeth Perkins, Support Officer: 0300 121 0745

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