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Loans & Social Investment Packages

We provide funds to applicants across the UK seeking to acquire, reuse or redevelop buildings which are of historic or architectural importance. The end use should be financially viable and help support the objectives of the organisation and provide impact to or benefits for the communities in which the buildings are based.

As specialist lenders for historic buildings we understand each project is unique therefore we consider each application individually on its merits, with full assistance given during the application process and beyond.

The AHF’s Investment Team is ready and happy to discuss any queries. In the first instance, please contact Asha Karbhari, Investment Manager, on 0207 925 0199 (direct line: 07481 832 735), or email us.

Heritage Impact Fund

The Heritage Impact Fund (HIF) was launched in 2019 and offers competitive terms to provide greater assistance to clients and projects that will deliver enhanced local economic and community impact as well as providing sustainable use of a historic building for future generations.

We can also offer assistance in helping you assess the impact of your project.

We offer loans from £25,000 to £500,000 for up to five years.  Our terms are flexible and competitive, with rates and fees which vary depending upon your circumstances.  The headline interest rate for secured loans is 6% above Bank of England base rate.

For more information on the Heritage Impact Fund please see

“The Monastery would never have been restored without the support of the AHF. Securing a loan from them was essential to the delivery of the project, the sustainability of our operations and to the regeneration of the area around us.”
Elaine Griffiths, Chief Executive Gorton Monastery, Manchester

Our General Funds

The Architectural Heritage Fund can also provide loans from £20,000 up to £1m through our endowment funds for purposes which are not eligible for funding through the Heritage Impact Fund.

These include projects which may require longer-term finance or demonstrate less community benefit than is required to access HIF funding. A loan could provide mortgage-style finance secured against a restored asset providing affordable housing or a community space, or may enable a Trust to restore and sell on a historic building.

Our terms are flexible and competitive, interest rates vary and the length of loan period can be anything from a few months up to 20 years for mortgage type borrowing. The headline interest rate for secured loans is 6.5% above Bank of England base rate.

Do you require additional support?

The Architectural Heritage Fund is appointed as an Access Point for the Reach Fund. This is a grant-funded programme to provide organisations extra help with governance, business planning or financial management before taking on repayable finance. You can find out more about this grant funded programme at and contact us to discuss the support in more detail.