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Our Strategy 2023-28

Our most recent external evaluation confirmed that stakeholders and clients particularly value our clear purpose and see us as a key enabler of projects - but one that is agile, open and able to respond to new agendas or needs.

In terms of rating our advice and processes, out of a possible score of 100, the average score given was 92.1

We want to continue to receive high levels of positive feedback from clients and are challenging ourselves to continue improving our application processes and in being an even more effective, active enabler of the organisations we invest in. As there are multiple different funders of any one capital project, this includes working in partnership with other funding organisations to help improve sector wide processes.

We are a signatory of the Institute of Voluntary Action Research’s ‘flexible funding’ commitments, which we use to continue to improve our funding practices. We also participate in a range of working groups across the heritage and social investment sectors to help us understand how our practices can be improved, particularly for those organisations where there might be barriers to accessing our funding and support. Most importantly, we will continue to seek feedback from our investees on how we can support the development of their projects and invest in making them more sustainable, with the capacity to deliver more impact.

We will continue to use this feedback as part of supporting the development of the AHF’s expert team, to ensure they can continue to deliver a highly effective, empathetic and expert advice service to the organisations we work with. We will also continue to review the ways in which we can be a supportive employer to our team and ensure that we continue to live up to our values as an organisation.

1   Based on 241 responses to a survey of 418 client organisations.