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Eligibility & Application Deadlines

Who can apply?

Wherever you are in the UK, your organisation must be one of the following not-for-private-profit organisations or lowest tiers of local government:

  • Unincorporated organisations that are intending to incorporate (for Project Viability Grants only)

  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs or SCIOs)

  • Charitable Companies Limited by Guarantee

  • Charitable Community Benefit Societies

  • Community Benefit Societies

  • Not-for-private-profit Companies Limited by Guarantee

  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) Limited by Guarantee

  • Parish and Town Councils


We will not generally fund:

  • Private individuals

  • Local authorities and other public sector bodies other than Parish and Town Councils (unless applying on behalf of an organisation still in formation)

  • Universities, colleges and other mainstream educational institutions including independent schools

  • For-profit companies, unless in a partnership led by a not-for-profit organisation

  • Unincorporated organisations (e.g. charitable trusts and associations) that are not intending to incorporate

  • Organisations with fewer than three Trustees or Directors. If there are only three Trustees/Directors, none of these should be spouses or otherwise related to one another.

  • Limited liability partnerships

  • Churches or other places of worship, where the building will remain in use primarily as a place of religious worship – defined as hosting more than six religious services per year.

Application Deadlines

If you are unsure as to your eligibility, then please contact us for a discussion about your project and organisation in the first instance.

Applications of up to £15,000 in England and Scotland, and applications of up to £7,500 in Wales and Northern Ireland, can be submitted at any time and you will normally get a decision in 6 to 8 weeks.

The quarterly Grants Panel considers applications from England and Scotland of more than £15,000, and all applications of more than £7,500 in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Deadlines for submission of all grant applications to be considered at Grants Panel are: 

  • 10 January 2022 for a decision in March 2022

  • 30 April 2022 for a decision in June 2022

  • 31 July 2022 for a decision in September 2022

  • 18 October 2022 for a decision in December 2022


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