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Current Grant Holders


Accepting and claiming a grant

Grant Acceptance

You need to complete and return a signed Grant Acceptance Form to us within one month of receiving your offer letter. This should be sent by email to your local Support Officer. You can find out more about what we do with the information we collect as part of this process on our Privacy page.


Grant Claims

We can only pay your grant after you've done the work involved. We'll need to see evidence of the expenses incurred, and copies of any reports you've produced. We provide a standard grant claim template to complete, along with guidance and a worked example to show the information we require.

Please note the following grant claim deadlines:

15th May and 15th June 2024 for payments by the first week of the following month.

Following this grant claim deadlines will be changed to the 1st of the month with payments by the first week of the following month. i.e. Claim deadline of 1st July for payments in the first week of August.

Grant payments will not be made in the month of December.


Viability Appraisal Template and Guidance

Claims for Project Viability Grants should normally be accompanied by a completed Viability Report - this is available as a standard template here.

Guidance on completing the report is available here.

Please note when making your final payment claim that you will be asked to complete and return a brief Exit Survey about the impact of your grant on your project.




Publicising your grant

We ask that our assistance is acknowledged in all publicity material produced about your project.
Please try to obtain as much media coverage for the project and the AHF’s assistance as you can. We can provide copies of our logos and will promote your project on our social media.


Reporting on progress

We're keen to find out how your project is progressing, and may ask you to complete a survey to help us measure the impact of our grants and the work it allows you to do.

This helps us show the importance of the types of projects we support to the wider world.

Charity fraud update

The Fraud Advisory Panel has released a helpsheet on ‘keeping your charity safe in the pandemic and beyond’. The brief guide looks at the risks and how you might respond. To read more please click here