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3 Spital Yard
Spitalfields, , E1 6AQ
United Kingdom

020 7925 0199

The AHF appreciates that neglected buildings which are all too familiar in our towns, cities and countryside can, with a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, be rescued to become assets for their communities by people wanting to make a difference. The AHF has helped hundreds of organisations throughout the UK to do exactly that.

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The Heritage Mortgage

The Heritage Mortgage

Responding to the needs of both our existing and prospective Borrowers, as of 2017 the AHF is now able to offer bespoke mortgage-style loan facilities. Longer-term social investment is difficult to find, but The Heritage Mortgage programme allows Borrowers to plan ahead across a number of years and at an earlier stage than is usual, potentially reducing the annual costs by stretching the payments over a longer period. The Heritage Mortgage is available either pre- or post-completion of a capital project.

Please contact a member of the AHF’s Investment Team before submitting any application.

Our Terms

Investment sum:                             £150,000 - £500,000

Interest Rates:                                 typically 4-6% fixed, or can be linked to Base Rate

Arrangement fee:                           on application

Term of loan:                                   typically 10 - 20 years (up to 30 years by exception)

Security:                                           First legal charge / first ranking standard security                                 

Loan repayment terms:               Capital and interest only, though initial capital and/or                                                          payment moratoria can be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The legal form of the organisation which is applying must be one which is currently eligible for existing AHF loan programmes.
  • Applicants must be based in the UK.
  • The building should have statutory protection through national listing, or be in a Conservation Area.
  • Applicants must demonstrate how financial assistance from the AHF will enable it to provide demonstrable social impacts.
  • The AHF can normally lend up to 70% of the estimated open market resale value of any acceptable property or land over which it takes a first charge.  If this is the project building for which the loan is required, it can lend up to 70% of the property's estimated "end value" (the projected value once work has been completed).
  • Upon application, the following must be provided to the AHF’s satisfaction:
    • governing documents (with asset lock and power to borrow, and objectives which clearly state social purpose);
    • a contemporary business or development plan;
    • a minimum of five years’ cashflow forecasts;
    • details of the security being offered;
    • evidence of statutory listing or conservation area within which the building is situated;
    • mini-biogs of all Directors/Trustees;
    • any other supporting documentation which may be helpful (eg. costings, valuation report, etc.).

Small Print

Rates: As is usual with many social investors, our interest rates are decided through risk-adjusted pricing, in that it is based upon the strength of each application we receive, and the security that is available.

Security: To protect its charitable funds, and in line with sensible lending practice, the AHF seeks security for its facilities wherever possible and practical. This is so that, if something unforeseen were to happen, there would be an opportunity to recover some of the funds.

Costs and fees: Loans attract an arrangement fee, typically between 1 – 1.5% of the value of the loan, depending upon the nature and complexity of the application. Legal fees incurred by the AHF and any necessary valuation fees are borne by the Borrower. Other fees may be required depending upon the nature of the application such as a Commitment Fee.

Generally there will be no penalty for early repayment of any of our investments