The AHF can provide grants, subject to eligibility, to help with assessing the viability of a project, or to help fund development costs for projects based in Scotland.

First, please download and read the guidance notes, and the details of the supporting information you will be asked to provide. 

We strongly encourage you to discuss any potential application with the Scotland Team before submitting an application.

We generally expect applicants to cover at least 50% of the cost of the work. i.e. you must normally be able to match our grant offer with your own funds or with funds raised from other sources.

Some exclusions apply; contact the Scotland Team for more details.

AHF have provided us with focus and hope - focus with regard to taking a project from an idea to a feasibility study to hopefully fruition; Hope in that you were the first organisation to back us and this has encouraged others to follow suit. For this, we will be eternally grateful.
— 2018 Client Survey Response

Project Viability Grant (PVG)

Maximum: £7,500 - Average Offer: £4,000

Project Viability Grants (PVG) are to fund studies to look at potential uses for a building and at its current condition, and produce a Viability Report to a standard template. Successful completion of this will be used to judge whether applicants can then apply for the AHF’s Project Development Grant funding, and can be used to secure further funding elsewhere. This grant is administered on a monthly rolling basis. We aim to let you know whether you have been successful within six to eight weeks.

Download Guidance Notes

Project Development Grant (PDG)

Maximum: £30,000 - Average Offer: £12,500

The Project Development Grant (PDG) scheme is intended to assist an organisation to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a project and taking it towards the start of work on site.

To qualify, an organisation must have established that the end use of the project is likely to be viable and have decided to take the project forward.

Download Guidance Notes

Download Supporting Document Info

Scottish Community Development Grant (SCDG)

Maximum: £50,000 - Average Offer: £20,000

Thanks to funding from Historic Environment Scotland, projects that are community-led are eligible to apply to the Community Development Support Grant.
Projects that are interested in this fund should complete an Enquiry Form and discuss their potential eligibility with the Scotland Team prior to making an application.

William Grant Foundation
Tailored Support Fund (TSF)

Maximum: £10,000 - Average Offer: £7,500

Thanks to funding from the William Grant Foundation, projects in Scotland are now eligible able to apply to the Tailored Support Fund. This is intended to help organisations and projects that may not fit will within the criteria for our other grant programmes.  

Examples of situations we would welcome a discussion about include:

  • emergency repairs

  • meanwhile uses

  • uplifts in existing funding due to unexpected situations/increased costs

  • projects involving unlisted buildings that are still important heritage to local communities

  • any other areas where our other grant funding programmes cannot currently assist

Find out more details and case studies of some of the projects already supported here.

Projects that are interested in this fund should complete an Enquiry Form prior to making an application. 

Please complete our online enquiry form to establish your eligibility. We will then get in touch to discuss your project. You can then complete a draft application, and once we have seen and commented on that, you can complete and submit our formal application form.

Next deadline for applications:
Amounts over £7,500: 21 October 2019 for a mid-December 2019 decision.
Amounts under £7,500: 30 August 2019 for a mid-October 2019 decision.