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The AHF appreciates that neglected buildings which are all too familiar in our towns, cities and countryside can, with a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, be rescued to become assets for their communities by people wanting to make a difference. The AHF has helped hundreds of organisations throughout the UK to do exactly that.

Feasibility Funding for Historic Maryport Farm

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Feasibility Funding for Historic Maryport Farm

Harriet Roberts

A 140 acre farm within the frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site has been granted funding from the Architectural Heritage Fund towards a study which could bring it into use as a place of heritage learning. The North of England Civic Trust have received £5,000 from the AHF which represents 50% of the total required for a commercial viability study for Camp Farm, Maryport in Cumbria.

The farm ceased operation in 2008 when it was sold to Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd, later Hadrian’s Wall Trust, from which the NECT acquired the freehold in March 2015. The site contains a largely intact but dilapidated planned c19th model farmstead.

The report would look at how the farm could be relevant to local people, investigate ideas like Care Farms, working holidays, European Heritage Campuses, services for veterans and a satellite training site linked to agricultural, horticultural or animal husbandry colleges.

Graham Bell from the North of England Civic Trust said, ‘ Camp Farm has two thousand years of European history underfoot and buildings that witnessed Britain’s agricultural revolution. Now’s the time for us to begin to write the next chapter, which will be about building the relationship of people to the land.’

Ian Morrison, Chief Executive of the Architectural Heritage Fund said: ‘Thanks to support from Historic England and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and through a team of regional support officers we are able to help the North of England Civic Trust to test the feasibility of the exciting vision for this historic farm.’


 Camp Farm, Maryport, Cumbria

Camp Farm, Maryport, Cumbria