Building our future from our past - new AHF strategy launched!

The AHF has launched a new three-year strategy setting out our mission, objective and values, as well as highlighting the priorities we will use to deliver them to help communities across the UK use their heritage to transform their neighbourhoods into places of which they are proud and which offer them a good future. 

Liz Peace CBE, AHF Chair said: "Since taking over as Chairman of the Architectural Heritage Fund  in September last year, I have been tremendously encouraged to witness community organisations, often volunteer-led, take control of their neighbourhoods and transform neglected historic buildings into wonderful community assets. Their ingenuity and tenacity is truly inspiring."

Ian Morrison, AHF Chief Executive said: "For 40 years, we have been supporting people to achieve viable community-led solutions for the re-use of historic buildings at risk. We know how to facilitate the delivery of successful projects. The AHF believes everyone is entitled to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and well-managed architectural heritage. This is our mission which guides our new strategy."

Our mission is:

"We will use our knowledge, experience and resources to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the cultural, social and economic benefits of a vibrant and well-managed architectural heritage." 

Find out more by downloading the AHF Strategy document here.