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The AHF appreciates that neglected buildings which are all too familiar in our towns, cities and countryside can, with a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, be rescued to become assets for their communities by people wanting to make a difference. The AHF has helped hundreds of organisations throughout the UK to do exactly that.

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Meanwhile... Trip the Light Fantastic in Toxteth!

Architectural Heritage Fund

Many of the projects supported by the Architectural Heritage Fund are at an early stage of their restoration and the building unused while capital funding is being raised. One such empty building presented an opportunity for Dingle 2000, which is currently at an early stage in project development work to restore and reuse the former Toxteth Reservoir. A meanwhile use has turned this empty space into a fabulous venue for art.

The Liverpool Biennial invited artist Rita McBride to respond to the other-worldly space, a former reservoir built in 1853 which held nearly two million gallons of water at a depth of 12 feet. Her light installation, Portal, is a wormhole created with laser beams representing an opening between real and fictional worlds. It is a stunning setting for the artwork and an entrancing installation. Reviewer Steff Cain commented: ‘Although the concept of the piece is very simple, the atmosphere created by the aesthetics is certainly something to be experienced rather than explained.’  (Link)

Experience it for yourself - Toxteth Reservoir is on High Park Street, and is open every Saturday and Sunday as part of the Liverpool Biennial from 10:00 to 18:00 until 16 October 2016. Dingle 2000 opens the former reservoir on Heritage Open Days but otherwise this amazing space is rarely seen.

Dingle 2000 have found a creative and fascinating ‘meanwhile’ use, and have used an opportunity to share their wonderful building with an international audience. 


(Photos courtesy of Dingle 2000)