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3 Spital Yard
Spitalfields, , E1 6AQ
United Kingdom

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The AHF appreciates that neglected buildings which are all too familiar in our towns, cities and countryside can, with a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, be rescued to become assets for their communities by people wanting to make a difference. The AHF has helped hundreds of organisations throughout the UK to do exactly that.

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Neighbourhood Planning - get started with new resources & case studies!

Architectural Heritage Fund

Do you want to shape the future of your area?

Do you want to be the somebody who has a say over where new homes, shops and offices are built? And how they look? Maybe you want to improve your high street? Or protect your favourite local spaces? Or ensure there are enough new homes for young families?

If so, neighbourhood planning could be right up your street.

DCLG have created a new neighbourhood planning microsite which is the place for people to go to find out how to get started, with a step by step guide through the process and downloadable leaflet and customisable poster to use in their neighbourhood. The microsite is hosted on the My Community website, where more neighbourhood planning information, resources, and case studies can be found, along with details about how to access grants.

Find out more here.