The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation applications for funding deadline extended to 14 October

The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK is a grant-making charity that supports a variety of causes. This year the Trustees have decided to set aside funds specifically for the preservation of buildings and would welcome applications from those projects that meet the parameters below. 

Please email the Foundation to obtain an application form on The Trustees aim to shortlist applicants by 14th October, but this may be extended if insufficient applications have been received by this date. Subject to the receipt of qualifying applications, the Trustees will pay grants of between £25,000 to £30,000. Please note there is some flexibility with regards to most of the parameters put forward and so if you are unsure whether to apply please contact the Foundation by email.  

*  Applications may only be made for buildings owned by charities and the  
   application must be from the charity
*  The use of the building must relate to at least one of the following: education
   (but only relating to organic farming, animal husbandry, veterinary science,  
   animal welfare and animal surgery), the visual and performing arts, medical
   research, the relief of disability and severe illness, the accommodation of
   those in need, or the skills based training of young people
*  Church buildings or buildings used specifically for religious activity are
*  The building must be listed
*  The building must have been built before 1940
*  The project does not relate to routine maintenance
*  The project must have started within 2 years prior to, or will start within 1
   year of, the date of the application   
*  The renovation or rebuilding should exclude extensions if the extension work
   forms the majority of the work being carried out on the original structure
*  The maximum project cost should be no more than £5,000,000
*  Applicants must have raised 35% of the project costs at the date of the
*  Applicants must provide a full application together with a budget, project
   management accounts, photos and plans. The Trustees may require other

Architectural Heritage Fund