Belmont House, Unst - A Long–term Success Story

Belmont House [Image courtesy  Pete+Lynne  used under a  CC 2.0 license .

Belmont House [Image courtesy Pete+Lynne used under a CC 2.0 license.

A restored building on Unst is now worth more than 240,000 times more than when Trust bought it! Belmont House Trust bought a crumbling, dilapidated mansion on Unst way back in the mid-1990s, and paid just £5 to take it on. 

One of their first calls was to AHF, and we were able to support them with a small grant of £5,500 in 1998 to get the ball rolling, and later also with two loan offers.

The building was fully restored by the Trust over a period of over fifteen years, and now offers a magical venue for holidays, weddings and events of all sorts.

Thanks to their efforts and management, a building once sold for a fiver now has recently been valued at £1.2M.

More details in this recent feature article in the Daily Mail

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