What’s so special about this place?

Built in 1899, Moseley School of Art was the first purpose-built branch school of art in Birmingham, and became one of the leading art schools of the time, advocating techniques that were unusual in the period, such as ‘shut-eye’ and ‘memory’ drawing.

Its alumni include Peter Phillips (artist and co-founder of the Pop Art Movement), Roy Wood (musician, particularly with the Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard) and Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac). 

Why was the building AT RISK?

The School was closed in 1981 and suffered a period of decay until the Moseley Muslim Community Association (MMCA) bought the building in 1984 from Birmingham City Council. Major repairs including re-roofing and the control of a significant dry rot outbreak were carried out, but the building was not comprehensively restored. More recently, its condition has impacted upon the viability of the MMCA.

The building was in the top 10 endangered buildings list issued by the Victorian Society in 2010, and has been on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register since 1988. 

How was it saved?

MMCA secured a first round grant offer from the Heritage Lottery Fund in March 2015. The project will repair the building and provide access to all the public spaces, and convert one of the larger spaces to 5 individual offices for small start-up businesses. The restored building will also be attractive as a venue for Asian weddings. The MMCA have development funding from HLF to work up their Stage Two application by 2017. This will be a period of intensive research and development for the Association as they quantify all the activities that will be undertaken during and after restoration. 

How did the AHF help?

We worked very closely with the Moseley Muslim Community Association, giving guidance and support. Historic England (formerly English Heritage) who co-funded our grants also gave officer time and together we have supported the Association to ensure timely actions. The AHF has given a total of £17,500 in Options Appraisal and Project Development Grants. 


Former Moseley School of Art, Moseley Road, Birmingham


Moseley Muslim Community Association

AHF Support

Options Appraisal Grant; Project Development Grant; advice and support


HLF Heritage Grant Stage One Pass March 2015

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