Between April 2000 and March 2017, the AHF has supported the rescue of 319 historic buildings across the UK with an investment of £5.2 million in grants (including £354,200 in community shares) and £51.4 million in loan finance, resulting in additional investment worth £485 million levered into these completed projects as a result of AHF’s commitment. In terms of housing alone, our investment has helped to deliver over 719 units.

In 2017-18 we supported 163 projects with grants and loans, ranging geographically from Cornwall to Orkney, and spanning chronologically from a 12th century church in rural Herefordshire to a 1970s social housing estate in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne.

From 2000 – 2017...

  • Number of completed projects: 319

  • AHF grants: £5.2M

  • AHF loans: £51.4M

  • Total investment: £485M

Since 1976, the AHF has awarded loans with a total value of £124m to nearly 900 projects across the UK and has made more than 1200 individual early project grant offers totalling over £10m.

Once a year, we ask current and past AHF beneficiaries to complete our online Projects Impact Survey, to assess what difference AHF advice and funding has made on the progress of their projects and to collect data on the social impact of their activities. Of those who responded in 2018:

  • 84% stated that the credibility of their organisation to other funders had increased as a result of AHF’s support.

  • 93% reported that their organisation would feel confident in taking on another project

  • 75% of organisations made a surplus in the last financial year

  • 63% of buildings are on an At Risk register